Family members/caregivers of loved ones with cognitive impairments group

You’ve lost a loved one to a cognitive decline and their physical person still exists, but their personality has changed. You’ve cared for an individual who used to play a significant role in your life and is no longer available to love and support you. You’re trying to make sense of recognizing the same person that used to be able to have a conversation and can no longer care for themselves. This virtual group is a space for adults who are caregivers to individuals who have been diagnosed with a cognitive impairment.

Is this group right for me?

This is a support group designed for adults who have cared for individuals who have experienced a cognitive decline and/or impairment as a result of a disorder/condition and/or injury/accident. This virtual group is designed as a place for identifying stages of change and examine expectations. Participants will learn how to develop self-regulation techniques for management of emotions and implement coping skills.