Women's Relapse Prevention Group

You constantly feel the urge to numb with alcohol or substances. You frequently feel guilty and ashamed of drinking and/or using to block out the pain. You feel a deep sense of sadness and isolate after these episodes. You’ve struggled to identify why you can’t just ‘stop’ like others have suggested. You’re able to ‘put on a face’ when needed but when with your loved ones, your resentment and shame often rear their heads. This virtual group is a place to learn about the complex nature of how unmet needs often translate into the cycle of using drugs and/or consuming alcohol. You will develop an understanding of what recovery means. This is a non-traditional approach to sobriety and does not utilize a 12-step intervention; but rather addresses the underlying behavioral values. 

Is this group right for me?

This is a skill-building and support group designed for females, ages 25+ who struggle with impulse control, distress tolerance, and may have a pattern of self-sabotaging behaviors. Participants will develop insight into underlying needs, develop concrete coping mechanisms, and replace self-defeating choices with more empowering choices to support recovery.