Sexual Trauma:
Female Survivors

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Adult Sexual Assault

You’ve lived with feelings of shame and discomfort for years, possibly decades. You buried these secrets with hopes of them never surfacing. You’ve done your best to try and create a ‘normal’ life but something still feels ‘off’. Many of us share similar perceptions of our experiences and are in need of a place to shed our heavy internalized blame and guilt. This group consists of females who are ready to process unresolved emotional pain associated with sexual trauma.

Is this group right for me?

This support group is designed for female adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse or/and sexual trauma in adulthood. This virtual group meets once per week and consists of education, development and maintenance of coping skills, identifying boundaries, navigating interpersonal and professional relationships. Group members will learn skills to help advocate for needs and develop self-soothing interventions for continued healing after trauma.