Women's End of Relationship Support Group

You’re not quite sure who you are and feel lost. You lost your identity and don’t know what interests you or sparks your passions. Your entire essence was dependent upon them and the relationship with them. You don’t know how to function without your ‘other half’. Your mind seems to only recall and glorify the positive aspects of the relationship and bypass the reasons it did not work. You’re constantly ruminating and questioning your role in the breakdown of the relationship. You’ve accepted blame and are convinced if ‘you had only made more effort’ things would have worked out. This virtual group is designed for women who lost their autonomy and independent identities in a romantic relationship and are interested in re-creating a new identity and version of themselves.

Is this group right for me?

​This is a support group is designed for females, ages 25+ who have experienced breakup, separation and/or divorce from a romantic relationship and are in need of support and tools to confront ruminating thoughts. Participants will develop insight into thought patterns and distorted perceptions, build concrete coping mechanisms, and expand knowledge of interpersonal needs and boundaries.