Live Webinar : Professional Training

Come Learn How To:

  • Select the most relevant & enticing topics for your target population
  • Effectively market & promote your groups to fill them and keep them full
  • Appropriately screen, recruit, assess, & manage group participants
  • Price and Collect Payment for groups with little to no friction
  • Manage Nationwide scheduling across time zones
  • Log & optimize the time, money, and systems to benefit your business.

Join us Friday May 26th @ 4:00pm PST 

This 1.5 hour webinar is hosted by experienced group facilitator Briana Lefman. 

Learn everything you need to know to run live and/or online groups like a pro.

As a Participant, you get access to a complete recording including Q&A for 10 days after the event.


Other Trainings

We also offer both individual and group trainings on a variety of topics, including: Group Development, Trauma-Informed Care, and Alternative Recovery Modalities.

Training slots can range from 120- 240 minutes depending upon needs of practice.

Individual Consultation Appointments are available as well.