Women's General Trauma Group

Womens Trauma Support Group Online by Hamsa Healing Space

You’re not quite sure how to explain it, but you’ve never been able to fit in with others. You’ve struggled to identify why you’re ‘too sensitive’ when others seem to be able to brush things off and detach easily. You’ve been able to ‘highly function’ and compartmentalize your past but know it has impacted you. This virtual group is a place to learn about the complex nature of how trauma impacts our brains, nervous systems, relationships with ourselves and others, cognitive perceptions, and understanding of the world around us.

Is this group right for me?

This is a support group designed for females, ages 25+ who have experienced any form of psychological/emotional/mental trauma. Participants will develop insight into symptoms, build concrete coping mechanisms, and expand knowledge of needs and boundaries.

Support Group FAQ

These groups are didactic and interactive in nature, meaning that the facilitator (a Licensed Psychotherapist) leads and structures the group. Each week, the group facilitator guides all discussions, and processes by providing education, answering questions, and teaching structured exercises and interventions.

Sharing is not required, however attendees are always given the opportunity to do so, if they yearn for emotional and intimate interpersonal connections.

These groups are designed as an interactive experience in which participants learn how to connect with vulnerability while gaining insight into emotional needs. Participants have the options to utilize an anonymous Pseudonym faux name if they choose to do so. All participants are kindly asked to have their cameras on to add to the cohesive experience. Our encrypted platform is HIPAA compliant and has full confidentiality secure limited access to registered group attendees only.

No. Cards are kept on file on an encrypted, secure platform in which are charged the week in which the cycle begins. *Payment plans are available

First, we need you to please complete this brief pre-screening form so that we can reach out to you to schedule a free phone consultation to discuss the group of your choice. After the completion of the phone consultation, we will complete enrollment by sending you the consent forms. After all consent items are completed, you are registered and will receive all of the confidential schedule information and the virtual link to access the 8 – week group.

Yes. We assist you in this decision during our phone consultation and will help you determine if based on your personal circumstances, whether adding an additional avenue of support will be beneficial or would be better suited for deferment. Many participants will choose to either repeat a group cycle or join a different topic, after the completion of a cohort cycle.

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