Women's Codependency

You’re not quite sure why you feel frustrated and you often feel depleted after helping others. You constantly think about how you’re going to ‘set a boundary’ but you find yourself struggling to say the right words to assert your needs. You struggle with indecision and securing a sense of confidence in your expectations of others. You question whether you are expecting too much of others. You often feel resentful towards other individuals, despite them not being unaware of your preferences and standards. This virtual support group is designed for females who desire to learn how to build confidence in order to teach others how to respect needs and boundaries.

Is this group right for me?

This is a support group designed for females ages 30+ who have struggled with low self worth, patterns of reluctance, fear of speaking up out of fear of abandonment or letting others down. Participants will be provided with a variety of tools, led through insightful discussions and guided through discussions on examination of the unmet needs you’ve been avoiding to meet in adult relationships.