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I’m Briana Lefman M.S., C.R.C, C.C.T.P, L.P.C.C.


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If you are even visiting this tab, it tells me you want more than ‘credentials’ and a long list of my professional trainings. So, here’s the tea on who your future Therapist is: I lived through some VERY complex and dark experiences that allowed me to gauge the level of depth required in order to help others. I work from the soul and integrate specific interventions that allow for individuals to apply outside of sessions…


Now to the IMPORTANT STUFF THAT YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ME: I am an ENORMOUS goofball and bring levity to the darkest components of our work. I smile more than I don’t and hate wasting time. (Mine or yours) I love animals (typically more than people and I bet YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY!


I love playing in nature, hiking in mud, and even though I love providing therapy – which I offer virtually… I hate technology (I  am notorious for engaging in heated arguments with all screens and buttons!)


Nature, tea, naps, art, music, and my dog are my happy place.

After living and surviving a hellscape, many moons ago – I have simplified life and have embraced the little things that allow my silliness to shine… A close second runner up…is helping people find their way out of  a complex, heavy, and painful existence and guiding them to fulfillment and shedding those heavy layers. Third place is probably more time with animals.. (it’s pretty serious, my love for animals!).


I spent entirely too much time  trying to figure out how to ‘be normal’ when I was young.. And HA.. I discovered.. That’s NOT A THING!! ….During my early twenties, I went on my own therapeutic path and traveled and lived abroad and discovered ways to find a puzzle piece in the world that fit more happily into the world around me. Did you know that EVERY SINGLE HUMAN has issues?! PHEW! Good to know huh! 


The most essential component to Therapy is FEELING the connection in your gut. You will know right away if I am your ‘person’.. And if I am not, you have my permission to say, ‘yuck, eww no way!’


I’d love to talk with you directly or in our support groups to find out more about your life, your soul, and what you are yearning for in your heart. We can all learn from each other but first and foremost, I want you to know you are not alone. 


In case you do want to know the ‘technical’ business stuff that is still kind of important: I am a Licensed Psychotherapist  and Clinical Rehabilitation Counselor. I am trained in specific modalities such as Brainspotting and am a certified Complex Trauma specialist. I am a Depth Psychotherapist and provide psychoeducation, vocational counseling, and concrete tools for implementing change. Check out the Home page for the list of my areas of expertise.


Well, we both know that you aren’t this far into a therapist’s website for no reason. Okay, now – you have to do the thing. So now, I’ll shut up and help you get to me so we can make sure you’ve got the right fit! JUST PRESS THE CONTACT ME BUTTON ON THIS WEBSITE.. That’s the one thing I’m really good at, with this tech thing.. (I can read the incoming messages!) I’m here with open virtual arms as a soft landing space.