Individual Psychotherapy Services

individual psychotherapy

The path to recovery and redemption can be a long road, and sometimes it can feel like you’re trapped in a vicious cycle.

It often manifests in simple, but destructive behaviors, creating addiction tendencies, infidelity, and dishonesty within your relationships.
It can be hard to break the cycle alone, but it doesn’t have to be.

At Hamsa Healing Space, we understand the challenges you face; with the services that we provide, you have the opportunity to create a path that can lead you towards recovery and better quality in your life and your relationships.

Through compassionate support and personalized care, we can create an evidence-based treatment plan that is tailored to the unique challenges you face.

Whether it’s addiction to substance use or struggles with infidelity and cheating, we will take the time to help you break the cycle that targets the root of your struggles and provide the tools to guide you toward meaningful and lasting change.

For Individuals Who Face Unique Struggles With Sexual Trauma, Infidelity, Cheating and Addiction:

It is not easy to carry the weight of trauma.

Whether from relationships or from sexual abuse, trauma can originate with symptoms that can often manifest in the form of dangerous and destructive coping mechanisms, often in the form of addiction to harmful substances.

It can seem like there is no hope in sight and that you are alone. Let Hamsa Healing Space reach out and help you walk towards self-healing and taking back control of your life.

Through empathy and compassion, we can help get to the source of your trauma and help create a treatment plan that helps meet your specific needs, challenges, and goals, and provides tools that are tailored to help reasonably attain your personal goals.

Hamsa Healing Space understands that each individual has a unique story that requires unique treatment; together let us be the first step towards your journey towards healing and empowerment.

Outcomes you can expect from Therapy

In therapy you will learn how to pay attention to your automated thoughts, confront unnecessary thoughts, and replace beliefs with helpful and purpose-driven thoughts. Within three months of beginning Therapy, you can expect to be able to engage in the following:

  • regulate emotions and impulses in a more meaningful manner
  • learn how to express your feelings
  • improve your emotional well-being
  • improve your thinking
  • improve your relationship with yourself and others
  • create internal motivation for healthy change
  • develop maintenance for daily life interactions