Individual Rehabilitation Counseling Services

Rehabilitation and psychosocial services include support that can help you return to, maintain, or improve abilities that are required for daily living. Our services focus on cognitive and critical psychosocial skills (thinking and learning). You may have lost specific skills due to an acquired condition or injury, or as a side effect from a medical/pharmacological treatment.

Our rehabilitation services have been developed to restore or create a sense of empowerment in identity and a sense of fulfillment for individuals who have experienced a loss in functioning.

who needs rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation was designed for persons who have lost abilities required for daily living.

What are the goals of rehabilitation?

The overall goal of rehabilitation services focuses on regaining or developing increased independence.

What can our services provide?

We help you identify your unmet needs, goals, and treatment plan. Our focus will assist you in relearning or improving skills such as decision-making, concentration and focus, learning, memory, planning, and task-completion.