Couples Psychotherapy Services

couples psychotherapy services 2

I help couples rebuild new relationships after trust has been lost.  I specialize in betrayal and infidelity, affair recovery, and addiction (including  substance use and alcohol, and sexual compulsion patterns).  Partnerships can recover after years of dishonesty; if both parties are willing to examine their role in the breakdown and division within the relationship. I will provide you with direct interventions, tools, and concrete steps to take in order to create a new relationship.

I have walked in your shoes and understand the complex layers involved in long term partnerships and marriages. It IS POSSIBLE to restore an intimate connection; you both have to be honest with yourselves and ask if you are ready to address the deeper issues that led you to this point.

Couples Rebuilding After Affairs

The crisis stage after the discovery of an affair can feel as if the relationship is permanently shattered. There are specific tools that can be implemented which will help you build a new relationship that fosters emotional intimacy and a newly found connection. Couples affair recovery work requires willingness and transparency. To begin healing your relationship, you will be guided through a series of steps, which will take into account your personal circumstances and desired areas of need.

Couples Working Through An Addiction

If your partner has created chaos in your life with their addiction, then it’s only a matter of time until the relationship reaches a stand-still. Couples therapy allows a foundational space in which both partners can develop insight into dysfunctional norms. Couples counseling will help you both establish boundaries, standards, and new goals for your future relationship.

High Conflict Couples

I will meet you where you are and will lead you through concrete exercises in that will focus on the facilitation of new communication tools. I will assist each of you in identifying your feelings and unmet needs without engaging in arguments. I will teach you how to have healthy exchanges instead of blow-ups that result in silent treatments and patterns of avoidance. YES. There are, in fact, ways to learn how to HEAR your partner’s needs and develop a deeper understanding of how to tap into your gentler self.