Dealing With Love Addiction.

A Heart Surrounded By Chain As Though Bound By Love Addiction

Love addiction, though not recognized as a formal diagnosis, is a physiological condition that can have profound consequences on an individual’s well-being and relationships.

Substance Abuse & Relational Impact

Substance Abuse Recovery Support Group Online in California

It is imperative to explore your own patterns of codependency in order to ensure that you do not lose yourself or your supportive relationships during recovery.

Dealing With Infidelity & Betrayal Trauma

A Couple Trusting Again After Infidelity After Healing With An Online Support Group

The Key To Healing After Infidelity Is Understanding That Recovery Is A Journey, Not A Destination. It Takes Time, Effort, And Commitment To Self-Care And Personal Growth.

The Real Benefits of Support Groups

Online Support Groups with Therapists Briana Lefman at Hamsa Healing Space

Support groups are composed of like-minded individuals who connect with those who share lived experiences. Groups can be a cost-effective form of support which is often less expensive than private therapy.