The Real Benefits of Support Groups

Online Support Groups with Therapists Briana Lefman at Hamsa Healing Space

Support groups are composed of individuals seeking like-minded connections with those who share lived experiences.  

One of the main benefits of participating in groups is being able to access vulnerability in a safe environment. Facilitated groups offer a unique lens for participants due to the nature of being guided through introspective questions and exercises. Participating in support groups reduces feelings of isolation, loneliness and can often lead to increased self confidence. Additionally, members of the group can offer each other valuable perspectives and model new insights for other members.

Another benefit of group therapy is that it allows individuals to practice new skills and behaviors in a safe and supportive environment. For example, individuals may be working on improving their communication skills or learning how to set boundaries. Being able to practice these skills in a group setting can be very beneficial as it allows individuals to see how others react to these new behaviors and to receive feedback and support.

In addition, groups can also be a cost-effective form of support which is often less expensive than individual therapy.

Support groups  can also be useful for people who struggle with opening up to others, as the group environment can be less intimidating than a one-on-one setting. Additionally, groups can be especially beneficial for individuals who are struggling with addiction or other forms of impairments as it can provide a sense of accountability and motivation to stay on track with recovery.

Groups provide a sense of community, support, and accountability, as well as a safe and supportive environment to practice new skills and behaviors. If you are struggling with feelings of self doubt, insignificance, and a lack of self esteem, support groups are a wonderful option to  pursue to begin creating change in your life.